Do you have Fibromyalgia?

Is your Job – or your Income – affected by this condition?

This Page Could Change Your Life


If you do have fibromyalgia, you are well aware of the severe limitations that you have to live with, and finding and keeping a job is far harder than “normal” people.

I have created a club for people who are looking for a solution to improving their financial situations. I bring my ten years experience on teaching people how to make money online and how to start up small businesses and switch all this training over to focus on the best solutions for those of us who suffer from these conditions.

I will show you so many diverse business or income opportunities and then teach you with step-by-step videos on how to set them up to make a living.

“JOBS” For People With Fibromyalgia 

How to earn income if you suffer from a debilitating illness or condition



I am Robert Bruce Anderson and I have Fibromyalgia.


Here are some facts.

  • Stress affects your Fibromyalgia.

  • Holding down a full-time job is almost impossible.

  • But we all need an income – I have a solution.

  • There are thousands of ways to make money online.

  • Half of those will not play well with fibromyalgia sufferers.

  • 1% of the remaining options might be on a method that you can apply and actually enjoy doing so.

  • Even then there are probably 10 different ways you can apply that 1% to make an income.

  • I will show you ALL the options – in detail. Many explaining videos on choosing a niche or income method.

  • I will then teach you step by step HOW to actually do that method so you can start to make money online.

  • Worse, I will tell you the truth about if that method is fast or slow if it is even possible and more.

  • Join up and see for yourself. see the sign-up link below.



Please note the following points

This training is not just one method on how to make some extra money online

I cover more than 20 detailed methods on making money, and each one of those methods will have a minimum of 20 explainer videos so that you could use only a single one of the money making methods to start earning extra income for yourself from home.

Also, some of these methods could be making you money within a week, and others could take up to a full year before they start to earn you a full-time income.

All this is explained in detail inside the membership site

This training is always going to be biased towards people with a debilitating illness. IE the training will focus on stress-free methods and methods that are not demanding daily work schedules.


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This training course is $35.00 a month (US$)

The initial amount is $35.00 and your recurring amount will be $35.00 a month.

There is no contract and as long as your fees are up to date you will have full access to all the training content.

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