Explaining Why People Fail Online

I am personally guilty of a lot of these distractions that affect how efficient we are online.

The list of reason I am going to give you on why people and business do not succeed online here in this training is not a secret.

In fact, most of what I tell you here in the training is common knowledge, but I feel that those of you who are considering starting any form of online business should watch this series so they will be prepared for what is ahead in their future.

I freely admit that after 11 years of online marketing – full time – I still do a lot of these myself.

I did it less than 30 minutes ago. I went to load the videos I created for this series and opened YouTube and immediately saw a “suggested” video that I wanted to watch.

I let it run while I set up my next few steps, but in truth, I also stopped to watch it for a bit.

Anyway, I suggest that you watch these videos if you are serious about starting any form of online business.




This warning is real. I rant and rave, moan and complain (for real) a LOT in all these videos below.

My Reason?

For years I was paid by clients to teach them how to make money online and in the end I felt like I was failing because THEY gave up. I have never given up, so that is why, after 11 years, I am still earning a living online.


The Image used when making the Videos

The Videos that explain it in detail

Why people fail online video 1 – Introduction

Why people fail online video 2 – Misconception

Why people fail online video 3 – Initial Research

Why people fail online video 4 – next level research

Why people fail online video 5 – Initial set up laziness

Why people fail online video 6 – Mindset

Why people fail online video 7 – Poor Training

Why people fail online video 8 – 8 more reason in one video

Hi – I have all this training here on this website – over 450 videos that will show you a dozen or more detailed step-by-step videos on how to make some money online and replace your nasty day-job. These links here below are NOT all over the place. Use them to choose how you would like to start your new life. Join Today.

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