All About Robert Bruce Anderson

I am going to tell you all you need to know about me right here.


Get a cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine, and settle down…


OK, so this is going to be in no particular planned order, I will tell you stuff as it comes into my head.

I can list some easy ones to start with.

I am male, married have 4 children and am 59 years old as of Novenber 2019. None of these points are my fault.

I have been self-employed for most of my life. I did a stint (forced) in the military from 1978 to 1981, but they failed to change my thinking patterns – even though they tried pretty hard.

I talk far too much, have no “filter” and have no fear – this combination means that I am “that guy” who continually bothers everybody in long queues. I will joke, fool around, sing songs and generally bother everybody for as long as they are trapped in a line with me. On top of that I am big and fat and bald, and I dress funny – this means that people remember me, and I am often left scratching my head when someone greets me like an old friend, and I have no clue as to who they are.


My attitude.

OK, so genetically I am programmed to please people.

This is not a good thing (those of you who are afflicted with this know what I mean) and it has been a thing I used to love doing and as I have grown older and more cynical, I have started to realize that people seldom appreciate those extra steps I take for them. But, amusingly, I still do it.

This means that I still will go out of my way to make you, as a member of this fibromyalgia club happy, but the only difference is that now I complain about it a lot. LOL, I really do – watch me. Those of you who show appreciation will know that I do love you more than those who don’t.

You will find that while I do see the world as an amusing place for me to play in, and joke a lot, I also know what I am talking about, and also know that everything is, in fact, serious.

I ask that you remember that, it is important to me. Thanks for that.



My life experiences.

I am a very big believer that we as humans are VERY heavily affected by where and how we grew up. Meaning, I know that I am the sum of my experiences and choices. Adding that, I am also lucky as I grew up in a very well supported childhood, got a good education and was offered every opportunity I ever needed to succeed in life.

LOL, You will soon learn that I never took full advantage of that. In fact, I have a serious design flaw where I will try very hard to prove that any rule is there as a challenge for me to test it to its fullest.

Do you need a clue as proof that this is true? I am playing Limp Bizkit really loudly with headphones while writing this description of my life. Damn! I love that I can do that. I can work barefoot with music playing and be as happy as Larry while doing what I do for a living. (Who is that Larry fellow?)

Oh, I forgot I was supposed to be telling you about my life experiences.

I am very creative, more of an artist than anything else.

I am also very inquisitive and am continually seeking. My search for knowledge is not actually for gain and it also not structured. I will research what gasses are probably on our planets for hours, and then switch over and research copy-writing tips and tricks.

If you asked my wife (bless her long-suffering-heart) she will say that I am like this because I am still an 11-year-old boy at heart. I agree and love that because it is truer than not.

I have started at least 20 small businesses and about half of them were successful. Most were things that I made and sold.

In the training, I will continually refer to the experiences that I had and show you what I learned from it.

One thing I do know well and that is always under promise and over deliver. People love you for that.



This next bit is what you need to know most of all.


I took all my years of small business ideas and merged it with very extensive online training on marketing a business online.

Over time I did courses and tried almost every way that you can think of online.

All that is squooshed into this website and I hope that you will not only love the journey to riches and actually get there, but will look back at the learning you received from me as a vital part of your future happiness.

May it be so 🙂



Please note the following points

This training is not just one method on how to make some extra money online

I cover more than 20 detailed methods on making money, and each one of those methods will have a minimum of 20 explainer videos so that you could use only a single one of the money making methods to start earning extra income for yourself from home.

Also, some of these methods could be making you money within a week, and others could take up to a full year before they start to earn you a full-time income.

All this is explained in detail inside the membership site

This training is always going to be biased towards people with a debilitating illness. IE the training will focus on stress-free methods and methods that are not demanding daily work schedules.


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