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How to use this training

I have finally set all the training sections up on this page, so total beginners will have a starting off point and be able to go through all the training in a more organized manner. You will, therefore, start with the section that does a general overview of how you could make a living online.

Then I get you to go through the niche research section. This will show you how to find that perfect online opportunity that best suits your passions and skills (and for that matter, your time and enegry levels)

Thereafter I try to keep the sections in some sort of order that you would need to follow to get the most out of your training.


This is perhaps the perfect place to start when you first join up.

In fact, it is a good idea to come back here every few months as your overview will change as you learn more things.

The overview of all your online income options are all in here and watching this series of videos will help you get a start that is suited to YOUR skills and passions.

21 videos that will save you a lot of time in the long run.


There are at least 20 videos in this section and should actually be above here in the CORE TRAINING section.

You see, this section is what you need to do before you even start to choose which way you plan to go online. Even if you think it is clever to just follow some of the short-cut ideas I did for you, truth be told, you still need to know everything I tell you here. At the very least, so you can make informed decisions to do something else.

More than 12 videos here – This is all about setting up your website. While that is very important that it is done right, it is likely that you will only ever do it once.

It is a task that you could get me to do for you (just the core tasks) if you use my affiliate link for your hosting There are rules on this offer.

Having said that, learning how to do it might be fun, and if you start to add more sites in the future this training will always help you expand your empire.


This training covers authority websites also known as blogging and is very complete. If you combine this training with the core training you will very likely be well on your way to online success.

Mom blog, Travel blog, affiliate blog, news blog, sports blog are all just some of the options that you get from this training. 

This section is what a lot of other courses charge thousands of dollars for, and here it is for you.

The WordPress theme Divi.

The Divi training is needed once you have installed WordPress and are ready to start building your website.

Search Engine Optimization

The SEO section will teach you how to set up your website (generally a one-time-thing) so that once you have that done, you can carry on with daily work without worrying too much about this after that.


From your very first image on your website, you need to know how to do it the right way. If you get lazy and skip this, then sometime in the future when you are not getting rankings and you find out it is because all your images are set up badly, you will have a ton of nasty work fixing it all. Do this bit right from the beginning.

Keyword training

The keyword training is very important. You need to do it before you even choose your niche. Then you need to do it when setting up the core components of your site. Then after that you need to do it for daily content, and finally you also need to keep on checking keywords all the time for ideas, trends, and those perfect new opportunities as they happen. This part (thank goodness) can be done fast with a few Google Chrome Plugins. So don’t worry too much about this being a chore.

This is the worst part of the entire training I offer you (honest, right?) There are around 100 videos in this section and all of them are there to help your skills in building and designing your website.It is also what most of my clients moan about. HOWEVER, the truth is that there are shortcuts and once you master a few aspects, you can ignore all the other more complicated parts of web design. 

24 videos in this section. SEO is another aspect of online marketing that changes all the time. You not only need to do this section properly, but you also need to keep an eye on the blog section for important updates.

ALL the sections will eventually get shortcut options and quick tricks to make your life easier – BUT a decent grounding is vital or all your online efforts will be wasted. 

This is one of my favorite sections. It is also core training and every website needs to have this applied for the site to rank online. But at the same time, a lot of the types of online opportunities are done with images, so this is a section that most of you will need to revisit quite often. This section does evolve too – currently Gif styled videos are popular on social media and so easy to make – and in my opinion a lot of fun.

This is around 20 videos. This is a vital aspect of your training. Every aspect of earning money online has some tie-in to keyword research.

I highly suggest that you go through all this training at least once. When you are competent in keyword research there are shortcuts that you can use, but a solid grounding in your training is important. This subject that updates a lot. Pay attention.

Backlink Training

This is still very important, but if you go to my short-cut blogging course, you will see that I also try to show you how to get traffic and rankings without the nasty backlinking aspect. I still suggest that you watch this section.

The Social Media Thing.

Man, this section is so important. Watch it a few times. A powerful social media presence will not only get your pages and posts indexed, but will drive traffic to your site all the time.

Pinterest is my thing.

I am using Pinterest at the moment to drive a lot of my traffic to my site. I like this because it is a traffic method that you can build up without needing to contact others. Juts pin images onto Pinterest.

Content planning and Silo planning

This section is one of the core sections that you HAVE to get right. Once you have it set up, you can get down to the boring daily blogging thing. Pay attention!!!

This is around 20 videos. This is a vital aspect of your training. Every aspect of earning money online has some tie-in to keyword research.

I highly suggest that you go through all this training at least once. When you are competent in keyword research there are shortcuts that you can use, but a solid grounding in your training is important. This subject that updates a lot.

Pay attention.

Inside the short-cut courses I cover a few shorter ways to do back linking, but this is still very important online right now.


Social media if done the right way can and will power your business to levels where you can literally work very hard for a year and then for a few hours a week and keep on earning a very high income for a long time into the future.

This is also a sort of back link (social media) and this part of the training shows you HOW TO AUTOMATE your social media marketing.

This section is very important – unless you plan to simply run paid adverts to your online content

Pinterest is PERFECT for those of us who have limited energy when it comes to marketing your business online. This counts even if you are just planning to run paid adverts.

Pinterest has become the most popular – by far – method of marketing online over the last year or so.

I created a series of 24 detailed training videos that will equip you with every tool you need to start to generate massive floods of traffic to your website.

Go see what I mean (Click the title of the section)

These 10 or so videos are also a core part of your online training, and thank goodness are probably only a once off section to see.

However, if you do content and silo aspects of your site wrong you are likely to affect the rankings in a big way, like trying to run in knee deep mud.

Just do it right, learn some good habits and you should be good for a long time as far as content creation on your site goes.

This will show you how to set up those core pages and then add tons of “draft” keyword titles to your site for easy use in the future.

All the other training

This is the current series of courses I am busy with.

Keep going back to see how to make money the easy way – (Funny – this is sort of true and not true).

See the short-cut blog course and also the Print on Demand course – both are complete training courses already.

As you will be reminded by me 1000 times, I still suggest that you do the other more detailed courses sooner or later.

IF you are serious about making money online.

Short-cut-blogging is one of the most common online marketing systems used by people wanting to earn money.

I cover everything in detail in these 11 videos.

A lot of people wanted to get started with a blog without doing the detailed training all over this site.

I allow that is a need, and suggest that you start here if you are in a hurry.

Go see what I mean (Click the title of the section)

This section is incomplete at this moment. There is a short overview video, but will be completed as a detailed course sooner rather than later.

eCommerce is very popular but has a lot of variations to it, and the very fact that it is so popular with online marketers is part of why I have not finished this section. 

Dropshipping and Print on Demand are the 2 most popular methods.

Print on demand is still me favorite way to make money online. I admit that it is because of all the design variations and possibilities that come with it, but it is also not a requirement to be creative to make money online with this method.

This is still the short-cut-course, so I do not cover each and every tiny detail for you but do give you more than enough training to perhaps never need the detailed version of my training.

PLR or Private Label Rights to give it the full name is one of the quicker ways to make money online.

If you avoid the temptation to completely redo each and every aspect of the PLR products that you buy you could get content that is sellable enough, online pretty quickly.

One of the advantages is that some of the niches have a lot of PLR content. You could also become the person who creates PLR.

Confession time for this section. This is an article or short course I wrote quite a while ago and felt that it would be wasted to not put it up on this site. This section would therefore only be for those who are considering writing for a living and need all the variations and tips I cover in this short training.

The interesting thing here is that this is one of the aspects that does not change all the time as SEO does.

14 videos as an overview of all the popular ways that you could make money online by writing for a living.

I cover content writing, Private Label Rights, writing for the mills and writing niche content.

For me, article writing is a fast way to make money right now, but different aspects like copywriting are more profitable in the long run.

Writing for Kindle is not in this section.

This training section came about because I wanted to create some content as an example for you to use as a guide for your website.

As soon as I saw it was a great type of page to use as an example I switched to turning it into a case study.

However, at this point, I have yet to complete the last few aspects, which you will see when you complete this section.

Why I never completed it is a fibromyalgia thing – IE one person doing all the work.

Go to the training, you will see what I mean.

This is a case study that I did at the time for a client who is a member here on this site. It is not a case study detailing a specific way to make money online, but rather me helping her overcome questions and issues that she had relating to working on her website.

I offered to help as long as I could put it up here as a sort of case study.

Sometimes it helps to se what is a problem for others.

There are two or three really great ways to make money online and “blogging” is definitely one of them. However, right next to this section is the “authority” site training and 90% of what you need to know relating to blogging is in there. I plan to complete this section only when all others are done as you can follow the Authority Site Training so long.

For now, there is almost nothing on this page – I set it up as a safety-net for me so that if I create a course that is not able to fit into any given category or page, I can add it to here. So far, I have not found anything that fits, so it is just sort of a blog until I get something that fits on that page.

This content is free to everyone, not just the club members.

I did 16 detailed videos covering 30 different ways that you could use an online website to generate an income with a dog-related business.

Some of these ways are easy ways to make money and others are quite difficult. For example, a dog walking business not only needs a website But needs you to market for clients and then actually walk 5 hours a day to earn a “job” salary. Watch the videos and see what your options are.

This article writing course is another one that is from older courses that I completed before I started this fibromyalgia website. It was a popular method of making money online and one I used to do myself.

So, with that said, you need to know that it is not a vital part of this training and only worth doing if you are either planning to write for a living or are struggling to create content for your own site.

This mini course, or series of videos that show you what to avoid when working online to improve your chances of succeeding is almost finished. Please come back very soon.

Perhaps I need to warn you that I rant, moan, complain and get rather excited a lot during thses videos.

I apologise here already.

Automating your social media does so many things for you, so do not hesitate and get started today. 

You will get exposure, you will get more traffic, you will get more backlinks, you will get more Google love.

In fact, automation’s biggest help is time-saving, and that my friends, is everything. Right?

What is still to come from here?



I wanted to tell you in more detail about the future training that is still to come inside this membership training club.

Training that is written or created by others

I have been contacting other marketers and people who teach this sort of thing and will be adding some outside training from them sooner or later.

Training from myself on all the other ways to earn money online.

I have quite a long list of further training that I will be completing and adding to this site over the next few months.

The big types of online business types that I have to do in details still are BloggingeCommerce and POD (Print on demand).

They will all be done sooner rather than later.

Right now I have diverted my bigger training sections to do a series of “Short-Cut” money-making methods.

These are not necessarily good as they are often chosen by people as a business option simply because they are lazy people, but I have to allow that people with chronic pain are not lazy per se but taking huge levels of strain.

I was never going to do this sort of short cut course, but keep on getting asked for it because of the chronic pain issue people here have. It obviously causes people to not have the focus or energy to do a 12 month long (or even a 6 month long) web-based business method.

Hence a relatively dangerous idea that they could try a faster way to make some money right now.

I caved in and will be doing the series, and will probably be complaining out loud all the way through the training 🙂



Other courses in the pipeline are the following ones

Search strings – Google stacking – different versions of affiliate marketing – site flipping – membership sites – Your own courses – Bundles – Software – SAAS – CPA marketing – SEO (Search engine optimization) as a business – directories – Classifieds – Video marketing.

Start an X type of business series

This will be a series of shorter small courses going into details on all those popular online businesses.

I have to be honest and add that when I do this it will be part of my own marketing for this website, as I will focus it on video marketing for myself. This sort of Youtube video is very popular and i would use the “overview” videos as marketing videos to bring in traffic to my one site.

This sort of mini-course will cover this type of business, Catering, mommy blogging, travel blogging, CBD websites, food type sites (like vegan) and more. I might even go deeper into a series of mini-courses that would cover small businesses that are not necessarily good for people like myself with fibromyalgia or any form of chronic pain.





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