Article Writing Tips and Tricks

How to write articles and content for your pages, posts and social media

OK, so before you get all freaked out with this training – and you should :), it will get updated as fast as more than one person comments below asking for it to happen.

For now, it is a course that I wrote back in 2014.

Therefore there are a few things that might look weird and even perhaps a few things that have changed. (I am busy listening to the course right now and hope to find those gremlins)


Introduction Video.

Simply an introduction video on how and why you need “article” or simply, written content for your website.

I start by explaining how to do keyword research. Still sort of valid, but I do still suggest a more complicated keyword training.

I am amused as I can see that my silo training that is very detailed on this site, is still in its infancy back when I did this training. Plus I see that I call an “authority” page a “super-page” which means I was doing it right back then (clever Rob)

20 or so minutes.

Tips related to content and keyword planning.

So, there is a very current and detailed keyword training section that I suggest that you watch that one for more on this subject.

However, I have decided to leave this video up as it was part of the original course back then.

When I suggest that you use AHREFS, you can use majestic instead.

6 or so minutes.

Tips related to content – The Actual Writing of the Article.

I discuss details like short sentences, the length of an article, looking at ezine articles for inspiration.

Stick to the keyword title that you are writing about.

This video still generally correct for 2019.

16 or so minutes.

The silo structure part of this course.

Right!, so this one is definately one that you can watch with pleasure, to see what and how I did it back then, and then go to the current silo structure training for massive updates to the training.

13 or so minutes.

8 + 3 =

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