Case Study – Detox Tea

Case study Detox Tea client

Hi everybody. I have a client who is also a member here on this site and asked me for some advice.

I do case studies in rare situtations and also do single videos for specific questions that people have.

Time allowing – naturally.

This one is an old site that had to be redone as the original product that the ownber had was not something she was an affiliate for anymore.

So, the website we esentially stripped back to the very begining and at the point of this case study it is really just the basic pages.

Now a nice and clean site is never going to get organic traffic from Google.

I made a few videos on what the “next” shoud be.

 see more below and watch the videos…

The introduction Video.

Here I show you the starting point that this site is at right now, and then explain what  will be showing you.


Core pages

Hi – Here I explain what the core pages could be for this site and how to apply them.  

This video is an answer to a question from the owner of the website about how to sell “x” number of products a week.

I explain in detail in the video about the best monetization methods, then I cover paid traffic for ales, and finally go on to show her the normal organic steps that would have to be done to rank the website and start getting traffic that would convert into sales.

The Pretty Links Video

This was the real reason I started to do videos for this client.

I set up pretty links for her and decided that i should explain how to use the links for best purposes.

The silo pages – (Posts if you prefer)

OK, so this is where you basically find long tailed keywords and set them up on your site in a silo structure for organic traffic from Google.

ALL the ways an affiliate website can make money.

And then – how fast can the site make sales?

Money making ways.


The main affiliate product

Google AdSense

Your own products

POD related items

Amazon affiliate reviews and more

Paid traffic


                Google search ads

                Google YouTube ads



Paid placements on big related sites


Organic traffic





                Web 2.0 properties.


Your website    

                Core Pages

                                Long tailed keywords

                Link bait (like infographics etc)

Fastest will be around 30 days – BUT there will steady growth from about 60 days, and will likely spike bigger and bigger after 6 to 8 months and over 300 pages.


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