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Please find all the core training videos here below.

This covers all the main parts that you need to know in understanding the most popular ways that people are using their writing skills to make money online.


One – Do I recommend this method for an online money making method? No not really. The problem is that you have to continually write to earn your money. In my other training I will cover a ton of better ways that once they are working, your income will be more stable and residual.

Two – Is this good for people with fibromyalgia. Again, not really. The plus side is that you start to earn pretty fast, and that will reduce your stress if you are really broke at the moment. BUT, the negative is that you will have clients (and they ramp up stress a lot) and you will need to write all the time and with bad fibro days that can be either hard or simply impossible. So then you miss deadlines and get even more stress and even no pay for botched orders.

Three – I guess the biggest plus is that you are almost guaranteed to make money even if it is really low numbers. And then you can use this advice to ramp up your orders and get better paydays.

Four – IMPORTANT. These are introduction videos and will probably always be the core training for this section, BUT, I am very aware that it would be impossible to cover every small nuance that comes into play here with these methods. For example, just one of my videos could be broken up into a series of 20 or 30 videos to cover that method in a lot more detail. 

Now, I know this and ask that if you feel you need more information I will make detailed videos on things that could and even should be expanded upon if you ask me to do so. You will need to be a PRO Member for me to do that, and then I will make a video on that item and add it to the BLOG SECTION that will be below here at the bottom of this page.


Covering how this works and chatting about the writing mills.


Article Writing for your clients

General Understanding of the article writing business.

Stepping stone for your career.


Writing for YOUR clients

Part two – Client outreach

Video Seven – PLR articles

PLR or Private label rights are a great way to get cheap content, and even possibly a way to get some income yourself.

I cover a lot of ground here in this PLR writing video for you.


Video Eight – Hand spinning Articles.

So, I realized that you probably do not know what spun articles are and if you do, you might have a biased view of them from “sheeple” saying stuff that they heard from other sheeple that heard it from someone who had no clue.

Yes, it is true that a badly written page or article is not good for your website. Bad grammar and bad spelling is something Google can see and does judge you accordingly. But visitors judge you even harsher, so quality is important.

However fools out there who do not have a clue about how clever some article spinners have become are still quoting things they heard in 2007. Let them believe that and I will show you how spinning – especially hand spinning can be a big help to your online business.


In this video I take up to 25 minutes to go into a lot of detail about the whole spinning thing.


Video number 9 – Handspinning articles for yourself.

I know that this course is all about making money writing articles and more, and have deviated into spinning articles and now how to use this skill for yourself on your own websites, but I had to do it. The opportunity was too much for me to miss out on 🙂

So, in this video I show you ways that you can use spun and hand spun articles to benefit your website in a big way.

I would suggest that you check the SEO training before you just go off and blunder into publishing 200 pages on your website in one day.

Fo now, watch the video.

Video Number 10 – How to handspin an article

There are a number of ways to do hand spinning.

Literally by hand, then with the free spinners and finally with a quality spinner.

I will add an affiliate link here if you would like to get the one I use.

This video covers how to go about doing hand spinning for your bulk article needs.

Ger Robs article spinner here

Video Number eleven – Article bundles.

I covered bundles quite a few time in the previous videos as they are such an important part of writing content for a living.

This video does go over ground already covered but will serve as a sort of backup to all you need to know about bundling articles for sales and an income.

Video Number Twelve – Social media writing

This is sort of self explanatory, but I do try to explain some of the better options here for you in this video.

 watch to find out more.

Edit – LOL, I can back to apologise for how negative I am in this video when talking about this as an income opportunity.

Guest posting or SEO services

This is another section in this course that is not really just writing.

So, I go on to warn you, remind you that it involves some extra skills and knowledge and more.

Watch the video to see what I mean.

Cool pumpkins!

Copywriting – Technical Writing – Transcription – VA – Translation

Hi. Let me start with an apology. Sorry!

I seem to have no filter, and this video goes off on a ranting tangent far more than is necessary.

And, lets be honest Rob, it was not even necessary in the beginning.

In reality, I do not know anything about the above ways to make a living, other than knowing what they are, and if you are willing to listen to my ranting silliness, you will hear me offer to find experts in these fields if you really need to know more. 🙂

watch – and please try to not judge me too harshly.

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