Other than the free courses (see the courses column), all my freebies are related to chronic pain and fibromyalgia people.

I have a report on fibromyalgia flares that is free, and even is set up so you can contribute to the report to help others if you are an expert in anything that can help us all.


I followed my own advice in the flares report, and by cutting down my stress in 2 big places and switching my meds over to CBD oils, i am now down from a lot of 80% pain day to average pain days of around 10%. Life feels so much better and I can function more. Go and get a copy of the freebie here


The courses are all inside my Fibromyalgia Club and while some are always free, the 450 training videos that cover dozens of ways to earn more money online, are all normally inside the membership club for a fee.

BUT, There is a 7-day Free Trial.

So you could choose to follow any of my courses – or even a few – and watch all the training inside of those 7 days and then you are allowed to leave, so it is technically free. Naturally I hope that you will see the benefit of staying on in the site so you will get ongoing training and expert help.

Mommy Blogging, Travel Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Social media courses – like Pinterest training, Keyword research training, and so much more.

Click here to go and see the training dashboard. Then follow the links to sign up for the 7-day free trial.


This is a legit shop that I have set up – mostly done while showing you how to do it in training (see the courses section for that training) so because I design items in training, I might as well sell them too.

So, I would love it if you came to see what was in my shop. Don’t be shy, order at least 10 items.

I encourage you to contact me for personalized items too if you would like that done.

Scroll down below this to see all the images that then link to specific items.

Thank you.


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