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All the details about the Print-On-Demand training course 

Why should you start a POD or print on demand business?

Firstly, my entire training is always going to be focused on people who have either got Fibromyalgia or chronic pain conditions and even those who are in a situation where NOT having a job is the best option.

If you are suffering from a condition where your energy levels go up and down very easily, it pays for you to establish a better income system, so you can live a better life.

When I contracted fibromyalgia, I quickly found that stress sent my flares sky high. Clients caused stress, and so I set out to find the best suited online business for my skills and condition.

Print on demand won that contest easily. Once I saw how good the business type would be for me and my health, I set up this fibromyalgia Club website so I can help others.

Is this an easy business to start?

The short answer is yes.

Very easy for anyone to get started. You join POD websites that will fulfill your designs and orders for you.

Then all you have to do is create designs and load them onto those POD sites. Some marketing (social sharing and or ads) later and you have sales and money in your bank.

The long answer is still yes, but if you are hoping to earn $20 000 a month within a year, you will need to average around 4 to 6 hours work everyday to get there. (never any guarantees either)

What does this course cover?

OK, so this one is the “shortcut” course. I did a more compact version of setting up a print on demand business so that you can get started faster. This course covers a lot of details, but is still only around 9 videos.

There is a longer POD course that will be a lot more than 40 videos. (It is still being created).

I would hope that once you have completed the shortcut version, that you will then go on and complete the longer version of the course so that you will know everything that you ever need to know to be successful.

I still cover everything you need to know to get stared today. I will post the mind map I used in the training below this section so that you can see what I discussed inside the training.

How much does the course cost?

Firstly, you will need to become a member of the Fibromyalgia Club training membership website. There is a fee of $35 a month to belong to the membership site.

However, I do offer a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL, so you could join and get through the entire course for free if that is what you wanted to know. I realise that there are a lot of people who do not have the funds to get started, so this is an option. If you choose to stay to go through all the other related courses I will naturally be very happy to see that.

What else is covered in the Print On Demand Training?

There are already over 400 training videos inside the membership club.

The training is extremely detailed and covers everything you will ever need to know about how to earn money online.

You see, even though I do show you everything on POD, you should still learn how to do keyword research, how to optimize images and a lot more.

All that is right there inside the training.

What do I do to get started?

Go to this page and sign up for the 7-day free trial.

You will then have a bit of a delay while your membership gets set up. You might be able to accelerate it by using the contact form here on this site to tell me that you have joined so I can hook you up faster.

Here is a short video explaining most of this in a bit more detail.

See the mind map here.

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