Looking into a list of Fibro flare causes

Fibromyalgia is a trigger based condition and is constantly under attack from a variety of trigger points that cause flare ups.

The most common cause for a flare are the following items list.

  • Stress – Stress is a massive trigger point for fibro sufferers and can lead to other issues like lack of sleep.
  • Food – This is generally carbs, IE breads, pastas, Cake, Cookies and muffins.
  • Temperature – Hot showers, saunas, hot wheat bags are all things that HELP fibro, but living in a hot temperature the whole time can be bad and could cause flares too.
  • Humidity – I am in Canada and the humidity can hit maximum often, and this causes me to flare almost every time. These flares are not the worst, so I am happy to stay right here in this beautiful town J
  • Sleep – My favorite thing to do. Sleep is vital to fibromyalgia health, but all the above issues can lead to lack of sleep and that adds to the flare issues and it goes around in circles. See more below.
  • General health – Here I am talking about us trying to get fitter and healthier, as all that helps a lot.


Stress and Fibromyalgia.

This particular aspect of how badly my own journey into the joys of fibromyalgia has been is why you are reading this post right now. I found that I was being affected by stress in a massive way.

The more I got stressed, the higher my levels of pain became, this led to exhaustion, bad sleep and even more issues.

As soon as I got the stress levels back under control my flares were far less.

I admit that I still have the pain flares – a few times a week – and still have a weekly bout of severe depression and more, but generally if my stress levels are Ok, I can handle the rest of the stuff that comes with my condition.

This membership course that is right here inside this website is based entirely on helping people combat financial stress as a start to eliminating issues before they cause serious pain and flare issues.

Diet and food and fibromyalgia.

Diet is very connected to controlling the issues that we all suffer from. Fibro people are commonly low or high in the following things…

  • Low blood levers of Iron and ferritin.
  • Lower than normal levels of amino acids
  • High antioxidants levels.
  • Low in magnesium (or rather magnesium supplements can help)

I plan to write a far more detailed page here on my site about the best food options for controlling flares.

PS, I read a great article on smoothies (healthy ones not the bad for you sugar based ones LOL) and plan to take that far more seriously in my life sooner or later. (side note, I am obese and love food, and know for sure that my weight and bad food choices are affecting my flares every day too)

Humidity and temperature zones and flare up causes.

A lot of people say that they could not live in areas with high humidity as that accepted them in a big way and I hear them. But equally there are a ton of people who find that heat relaxes the muscles and pain points and lessens issues.

I know for sure that a hot shower works well for me, but equally a humid day or two in a row makes things worse.

Personally, I think that I am too inexperienced with this point to give you great advice on the matter.

Sleep and low energy patches.

The pain periods and low energy days cause my sleep to be equally disrupted and solid.

I can say that sleeping like-the-dead helps me feel better, BUT definitely does not help that massive pain levels when I wake up after being immobile for long periods of time.

Crap the pain can be extreme, but once I work from finger tips to eventually actually getting to a standing up point, things do get better.

Today for example, I slept badly (as far as I know) let me check my Fitbit J

Ah, it says I slept for around 6 hours, AND there is a big hole in the middle of the sleep chart too – and I know that is far too little to keep me feeling OK.

Anyway, what I would like to say here is this. I cannot say for sure if a flare causes bad sleep or bad sleep causes a flare. In fact, if you have some proof, let me know in the comments below.

OK, so before I run I wanted to say a few things, firstly, because I have only had fibromyalgia for around a year now I am far from being an expert. In fact, other that the obvious one – stress – I cannot say with certainty how I am affected by all the other points but I do know they exist.

One day I will also be able to brag on sites and on Facebook that I have lived with fibro for 30 years. I can only hope I live that long LOL.


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