Affiliate Support

Affiliate support will be customized to YOUR buyer base.

Let me explain

I could have done (and probably will do so sooner or later) a full set of affiliate banners.

BUT, in my opinion, they will never be perfect for everybody.


The same goes for doing a series of pre-done emails for you to use. Right?

So, this is my offer to you – my treasured potential affiliate…

If you website is big enough, or your email list is big enough, or you are seriously planning to do a big advertising push, I will do the following for you.


I will create a customized video for YOU that targets YOUR existing market..

This could be as an interview or even a webinar. I can do it for 30 minutes or as a 2 minute intro video.

In certain instances, I would consider doing a series of videos if (for example) they were going to become content on your site or something similar.

Text, posts and pages or email series.

I will consider creating posts or pages for your site that explains this solution to your client base (IE if you are in the weightloss business, some of your visitors might need this, so i will focus on the weight loss side of debilitating conditions)

I will promote YOUR products (if)

I am well aware that a lot of affiliate marketers also have products or services. IF, and definately only if, your courses or merchandise or other goods will be a benefit to my members, I will happily add posts and pages promoting your goods or courses etc.

Custom banners

This is also something that will be only for the big website owners or those affiliate with a big email list or more.

I will do custom banners in the colours of your choosing, with wording that we will have decided upon for your website or social media site.

My apologies

I apologise for two things 🙂

For not being normal – I cannot help that.

And for those small affiliates that will have to do the promoting of my service the hard way. I feel your pain, I was there for far too long.



Have a Happy Day

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