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If you are joining to get full access to all the training you will need to contact me for a discussion first.

I have switched this website over to my personal one-on-one training membership program.

Each person who joins here will get a different package to suit their needs online.

If, at any time there are three or more I will add in a form of group discussion.

This is not just for people with fibromyalgia or chronic pain issues, it just happens to be where most of the courses are kept. I will explain this when we talk.

Pricing for this training starts at $500 a month per person and can go all the way to $15 000 a month depending on how many other services you add to the package.

There is no buy now button as we would need to have a meeting (virtual) to see if we will be a good fit first.

You can email me at


Thank you

Robert Bruce Anderson

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