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A 2021 Edit

This website was originally set up for fibromyalgia sufferers, but it is now a few years later and I have switched my focus back to helping people start an online business in a more general sense.

However, over 400 training videos were created during the setup of all the current training on this website.

That training will not only remain but will be updated when necessary.

Having pointed this out, I still offer a ton of individual courses and even free advice over on this website

Work From Home Jobs – Free Training – Free Help

You are welcome to go on over and see if what you are looking for is there.

What this site is all about right now.

I see a strong need for those people who need a more personal coaching experience, and here you can apply for that. Email me to set up a discussion meeting.

There will be times when I might have 10 personal coaching clients, and times when I have none. But, for me, it is important that I have this as an option for those who need this.

Pricing will start at $500 per month and could easily go to include website and SEO options that could be $15 000 a month. We will need to discuss your needs in detail first.

I will show you why I have created this training – IE for those of us who have a “condition” – mine is fibromyalgia and some ADD.

The thing is this…

If you have a medical condition that causes you to not cope with an ordinary job, then you need to look at what I have to offer you here inside this training site.

I bring my 10 years of teaching people how to make money online in many different ways, and will now change how I teach that allowing for the medical issues slant.

I will show you how the same skills you would need to get a specific job can be turned into an online freelance income method, and leave you to make your own working hour decisions yourself.

People often think that a “job” is an easier thing to do – because it is what they have always done.

But, in truth, it can be a lot easier to do the same or similar work online.

I will teach you how your passions in life can easily become a blog or business that will run at the speed you can cope with – and mostly online.

Remember I will be focusing on stress-free “no-time-pressure” ways to teach you how to make extra money online or even full-time living.

Doing that and to still get the opportunity to do what you love doing is the coolest part of all this.

I show you some of the options that I will be doing in the training in the video here –  But you need to know that there are literally hundreds of variations of how you would set up your online income stream.

I promise to cover all those variants and show you that you can literally design the way you get an income yourself.

Pick and choose between the different topics, different methods of delivering the content, different ways of monetizing.

Join up and see what I mean.

What you get from this site


Hi, I wanted to just repeat the biggest thing that you should know about this site. It is aimed at people who suffer from fibromyalgia and illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome, and for that reason will focus on opportunities that are less time focussed and less client orientated.

Because those of us who suffer from fibro are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and are equally sick and tired of how this condition affects our ability to earn a decent income, I am going to try to keep the BS levels down as low as possible and keep the training clean and open and honest.




Income and Business Opportunity training

There are a lot of ways that I will teach you to make money. Most of what I teach will be direct online marketing.

Please note that a blog is also a website, is also a business, is also an e-commerce site, etc – far too many people are confused about those differences, and I would naturally be explaining all that inside the membership in detail.

I will cover a lot of types of income opportunities, like Blogging (even going into specific blogging methods like travel blogging or mommy blogging), authority sites, affiliate marketing, Amazon affiliate marketing, setting up your own courses and training, writing for Kindle, content creation (this would cover copywriting and even just content writing for others).

I will also go deep into a lot of eCommerce income methods, like drop shipping, Print On Demand and other styles of income generation – for example crafting and even big business opportunities like a furniture business.

I will cover the main (there are 26) and popular methods that people apply as business opportunities and show you which are good for fibro sufferers and which are bad, and why.

You will see from the list I show you below that I do not just tell you that you could (for example) make money writing content for people, but that I show you how to research it properly, how to get started, what to do in a step by step format for each of the main methods I teach you as income opportunities.


Detailed itemized training.


I will go into a LOT of detail (sometimes in many different ways) on how to do the important things that relate to your success when starting up your own online business. This list below is what is in my head right now, but will obviously be a lot bigger and would grow as the need to show you steps on doing specific items arise. (for example – outreach, or infographics, or email marketing and a lot more)

Keyword research

This is perhaps the most important aspect of everything I can teach you. Keyword research will teach you what is in demand, what specific topics to pursue and so much more. You niche research (below) is almost entirely dependent upon great keyword research. I will show you where you can find long queues of people with money in their hands lining up to buy from YOUR business, blog, site, etc.

Niche research

See above. Once you have chosen a niche, I am going to constantly nag you to not ever deviate from that ONE NICHE idea. This is a massive thing – for your success, so with that in mind, how well you research and choose your chosen business topic, business system, or niche is very, very important.

I am also going to tell you to get researched and get finished, so you can start your blog or business – But equally, you must be sure that you have chosen the right opportunity for your skills, your knowledge, your enthusiasm for the subject and perhaps most importantly, for your energy and pain levels.

Affiliate websites research

This is really part of niche research above – but when showing you different niche opportunities, ideas, styles, methods and more – choosing the right affiliate programs to work with is also very important. For example, CPA products could easily be discontinued and leave you without a business or income after years of work. I will explain all this inside the training.

Getting a domain and hosting

This is already done and is around 30 or so videos and would probably be free for everyone to see and use. It is a vital part of setting up your website but needs to only be done once. I might offer a service to set it all up for you. Find the videos, and see if there is what you need there.

How to work with your cPanel and how to set up WordPress.

This is basic stuff, but when you are a beginner each and every small item can be scary and the better the collection of training videos I have for you the faster you will be able to get it all done and move on to the real step by step training. This will also probably remain as a free item for everyone to see and use.

This should also include setting up your theme and adding the best-practices plugins and more.

How to set up keywords and silo structures inside your website (and why)

Remember that you would only be doing this once you have chosen your niche.

I will show you in detail how to do keyword research and use those keywords to set up core site pages.

How to set up your silo structure pages and posts, and how to use all this to get Google to LOVE your website/business/blog and send you tons of free buyer traffic.

Content creation (text and image and video)

While this part from here onwards is the part that trips me up personally – because I get bored with my business when it starts to become daily tasks, it is actually vitally important to the success of your business/website/blog and the more (well written) content you can add to your website the better your chances of retiring super-wealthy are.

I will walk you through a ton of small tips and tricks on how to research content creation, how to write content, how to publish it and a lot more.

Finding and Optimizing images

This is actually part of the above section, but I have, in the past, had an entire course JUST on this subject.

It is something I found that I had to explain over and over to each new website client I worked with in the past.

It is hugely important to how well your business will rank in the search engines, and yet it is something that people will do badly even when they know better.

Social media marketing

Some of the niche business jobs/ideas/opportunities/methods that you choose will work VERY well with certain social media sites.

However most people consider themselves “expert” on social media sites if they are active on them daily, and I will need to undo some of your thinking and retrain you with other things here.

Paid advertising

Back to remind you that this entire project (for me) was to help people with fibro and chronic fatigue etc to get an income easily without suffering through daily schedules and more,

With that in mind, paying for your buyer traffic can be 1000 times faster to you earning retirement level income, and I will go through the different paid advertising methods with you in detail here. step by step stuff again.

Community support

This is something that is important to me.

I love the idea that people are essentially good and willing to help others.

I think that once I get enough of you into the course, that I can build up an internal help-each-other system, where you all share your successes, your ideas, your pains and more.

This is all about YOU and YOUR needs

I am very open in saying that the whole idea is for me to HELP you and not to just presume that I know what you need. 

While I have over 10 years of full-time online marketing, and have built hundreds of websites and trained hundreds of people about online marketing – I have found that I am thinking very differently now that I have fibromyalgia.

The point is that I am a make-money-online veteran, but am a fibro beginner.

I leave a lot of the steering-this-group then over to the members as the site grows and matures.


This is meant to be a low-price-entry-club for fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue/MS/lupus etc sufferers to find ways to make money online because they suffer from a different set of difficulties to what other (normal?) people have to face when needing to find an income.

I will focus on stress-free, client free and easy to do time-wise ways for people to make some money online (a lot or a little – your choice)

I already have over 160 completed training videos, and expect to be adding at least 50 new training videos a month – for as long as you guys need me.


I am going to make this site LIVE long before it is built.

I am doing this for a number of reasons, but most importantly for Google. The faster I am live and getting indexed, the faster I will rank and start to get traffic and members for my site. simple economics.

If you find serious spelling and grammar mistakes, know that I care a little, and hope you will email me and tell me about them.


What you do NOT get from this site




OK, so this is important as I would hate for you to join up and then feel offended when I do not go into a specific income method that you wanted to pursue.

I do not do the BITCOIN niche, or the stock market investing or precious metal stuff.

I know that bitcoin can be lucrative and buying bitcoins can be a great investment, but for me, it is the same as investing in the stock market. Plus I do not know enough about this niche.

I DO however teach you how to do keyword research, website setup, content creation, and SEO and that would obviously still apply to your site even if it is a bitcoin business, or an investment business or something similar. 

I do not encourage or teach multilevel marketing.

I do not feel that any multi-level marketing system is even vaguely better than most affiliate marketing methods – especially in the context of having fibromyalgia or any other condition.

I DO however teach you how to do keyword research, website setup, content creation, and SEO and that would obviously still apply to your site even if it is a multilevel marketing business, and as you can imagine, the biggest problem with growing your levels in this business is finding people to sign up. Good SEO and “buyer” leads can be found online and therefore could guarantee your success with this business.

I definitely do not teach porn marketing, nor gambling.

I think this is self-explanatory.



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