Detailed Introduction to what you can expect

Welcome to the introduction page for this course

If you have already read the home page you will already know a whole lot of how and why I have taken the trouble to set up this training club.

My passion to help others is massive, and I can only hope that what I have to offer you inside the club pages will be the start you need to get going with your online income.

The videos below are going to recap a lot of what I said on the home page, but it is important that you understand fully what I am doing and why.

What you are going to get – an overview

Quite simply, I saw that my fibromyalgia was far more intense when I was feeling stressed and under pressure of any sort.

I set out to change my environment (I moved countries) and to change how I earned my income.

This was something I was planning to do sooner or later, and my onset of fibromyalgia got this whole thing in motion.

I have been teaching people how to make money online for 10 years but needed to stop and relook at which ways would be as low in stress levels as possible.

Plus I had to look at other streams of income for myself (See the POD section)

This course was born.

What you are NOT going to get – EVER.

There are ways to make money that I will never be teaching you, and if you need more on those subjects, then apply what I can teach you here, and find more detailed training on those subjects elsewhere.

One is any form of Bitcoin mining, marketing, buying o anything else related.

For me, this is just an educated form of gambling. Yes, I know, back when it was still so new, I did look very deeply into buying and had I done so I would be very, very wealthy today. Do I regret not buying then? Not really, because I would do the same again – at the time it was far too new, far too risky and I do not think that anyone should use needed monies for that sort of thing. If you have a ton of extra cash, then do that by all means – I would…

Then I do not teach things like precious metal buying, stock market stuff and similar stuff.

See my explanation for that above here.

Do I think it is a bad way to make money? hell no, but it is all about education and if you really love to invest in the markets for a living, I believe that it is a full-time thing and do not have enough skills or passion to be able to help you there.

No multi-level-marketing nor pyramid schemes at all – EVER.

OK, this one I absolutely dislike. I HAVE tried it personally – in fact, more than once – and it has a few fatal flaws.

Whenever I point out those flaws to the people who try to sign me up they defend their systems with a passion. Good for them 🙂

If you have Fibro or MS or chronic fatigue or anything similar, then the hard work needed to keep plugging away at bothering your friends and family is going to make your condition far worse (In my opinion :))

How to get started.

  • Step one is to watch as much as you can from all my training that time will allow you to use up before you make any decisions.
  • Step two is to choose a niche, and this needs to be something you are passionate about. See a ton of training on this subject inside.
  • Step three is to choose what direction to go within your chosen niche. This would be perhaps blogging, or software, or courses and a whole lot more possible ways that you can set up an online business and earn money from your chose niche/style.
  • Step four is to commit to the project – Step back and go over everything you need to do, to plan, to research and see if you going to be doing the right thing.
  • Step Five is to buy a domain and get hosting. Normally this is done at the same place. I have a series of videos that you can go and see more on this subject.
  • Step Six is to get your WordPress website set up with all the plugins and more so that you can start to build your website.
  • Step seven is research again – here you will be doing very detailed keyword research on your niche and set up systems that you need to build and then grow your website. See the detailed training for this here.
  • Step eight will take you in multiple directions – one is to start doing the boring daily work needed to grow your business, but you can also go in many directions from here, and my training will help you from this point onwards.

Please enjoy everything to its fullest





Please note the following points

This training is not just one method on how to make some extra money online

I cover more than 20 detailed methods on making money, and each one of those methods will have a minimum of 20 explainer videos so that you could use only a single one of the money making methods to start earning extra income for yourself from home.

Also, some of these methods could be making you money within a week, and others could take up to a full year before they start to earn you a full-time income.

All this is explained in detail inside the membership site

This training is always going to be biased towards people with a debilitating illness. IE the training will focus on stress-free methods and methods that are not demanding daily work schedules.


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